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‘- Protect your on-screen data, Privacy Screens block angled viewing from prying eyes
– Magnetic screens easy to attach, remove and reattach. No tools, no adhesives, no installation required
– Blue light filter: Targus Privacy Screens reduce blue light for better protection and reading comfort
– Anti-glare non-reflective screen to prevent eyestrain
– Fingerprint proof
– Also acts as a screen protector

Keep your business your business with a Targus Magnetic Privacy Screen for MacBook. Working life has become more mobile and increasingly we are working in busy public spaces such as cafés, airports or shared offices. Privacy Screens ensure you can work comfortably with confidential information wherever you are by narrowing the viewing angle on your device so on-screen data can only be seen clearly from directly in front of it.

Targus Magnetic Privacy Screens effortlessly attach to your MacBook via a small metal strip which connects to the magnet in the laptop frame. The anti-glare non-reflective screen ensures you can work comfortably even in bright, high glare environments. Prolonged exposure to blue light, such as the light of your device screen, can have a harmful effect on your health so Targus Privacy Screens also include a blue light filter for ease and wellbeing when using your device for extended periods.


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